About Us


Blue Accountancy & Business Services

As a forward thinking business, we know the importance of offering clients the best possible sensible and positive advice.

So what’s different about Blue Accountancy & Business Services you may ask ?

Blue Accountancy is a different kind of Accountancy firm, offering clients practical, clear advice which they can use in their day to day management of their business. No technical jargon which only accountants can understand, but plain English.

We understand the day to day challenges of small and medium sized businesses, in particular cashflow management, late paying debtors and these days the banks who are unwilling to support small and medium sized businesses in the current economic climate.

We are not just accountants, and we would like our clients to know it and to utilise our experience and profit from our experience.

You may ask yourself well how much is this advice and experience going to cost me?

Well, this is the interesting part about our fee structure – we offer a fixed fee for all services which we provide. This enables you to plan your cashflow more easily without fear of receiving a massive bill out of the blue. In addition our rates are very competitive, as we do not charge by the hour, but rather by scope of work, you can ask as many questions and request as many changes as you require to the work we do for you (subject to regulatory framework and accounting standards).

That’s what I call ‘Blue’ thinking…..

In addition having run our own small and medium sized businesses, we are best placed to offer you the advice, rather than an accountant who has always worked in a large corporate environment and has little idea of the practical challenges which you face on a day to day basis.

And should you decide running your own accounts is far too complicated and time consuming, we can offer you a range of outsourced solutions ranging from Bookeeping to Payroll as well as credit control and debt collection.

Our objective is to free up your time to run your business and make greater profits. We would like to think of your business as if it were our own.

To help you achieve greater profits, we can also provide you with business consultancy, coaching, sales and marketing consultancy, systems and IT consultancy.

And once you have made a great success of your business, and decide that you have had enough, we can help you to realise the value of all your hard work by helping you with disposal of the business and tax planning to minimise your exposure to taxation.

If you would like to find out more about the ‘Blue’ way of thinking, please contact us using the links provided on this site.