Specialist Sectors


Having worked in many different countries, across manydifferent cultures, and experienced so many levels of bureaucracy around the world, Blue Accountancy recognises that trying to set up a joint venture or new business unit in a foreign countrycan be a daunting and often confusing prospect.

We pride ourselves on offering international clients who are looking to establish a presence in the UK and Europe, a seamless and effortless process in helping them to negotiate the bureaucratic maze which they are often faced with.

For many of our Middle Eastern clients who come from jurisdictions where there is little or no income taxation, negotiating the complexity of the UK and European tax system and understanding the processes involved in registering for taxation is itself a big disincentive to invest in the UK.

We have a range of services designed to make this transition smooth and effortless ranging from multi lingual skills in Arabic, French & Persian to helping our clients incorporate companies and establish bank accounts without the usual drama that most other accountants subject them to.

Our team of specialist tax advisers can also assist non residentand non domiciled clients to understand exactly what they have to do to avoid making common taxation mistakes which most other accountancy firms are not aware of, due to their limited experience inthis area of taxation.

Blue Accountancy’s team of accountants and consultants have worked in many different industry sectors as well as high profile leading edge companies.

Blue Accountancy has in depth and specialist knowledge of accounting and taxation relevant to the following industry sectors:

  • Financial Services Industry
  • Hotels and Hospitality Industry
  • Restaurants
  • IT and Telecommunications
  • Professional Services and Management Consulting
  • Property Investment companies
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Construction and Civil engineering
  • Fashion Retailing
  • Marketing and Public Relations Industry