Taxation & Tax Planning


Our team of specialist tax accountants have a wide range of knowledge in areas of taxation and can help you claim all the allowances to which you or your business are entitled, as well as helping you to plan for the future.

Our team of taxation specialists have specialist knowledge of the following areas of taxation:

  • Self Assessment Income Tax
  • Corporation Tax
  • VAT
  • Non Resident and Non domiciled taxation
  • Expatriats
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Non resident Landlords
  • Non resident Companies and Corporations
  • Trusts

Tax Investigation Services

Since 1st April 2009 HMRC has been given more wide ranging powers of investigation and enquiry into personal and corporate tax affairs, including rights of entry into business premises which they previously did not have.

As a result of this, HMRC have started looking into the tax affairs of various groups of people more aggressively  and their investigations range from simple aspect enquiries and requests for more detailed information, to full blown tax investigations leading to criminal prosecutions for tax or VAT evasion.

In recent months they have also declared various amnesties for groups of individuals who it is known have been incorrectly declaring their income or assets on their tax returns with schemes such as the Lichtenstein Disclosure Facility aimed at people with accounts in tax havens and the Healthcare sector.

If you have any doubts in relation to your taxation status or have been contacted by HMRC in relation to your tax affairs we can provide a confidential consultation in relation to your circumstances and advise you on the best way to proceed.

Please click here to request a callback from our tax specialists.

VAT Appeals & Tribunals

Most businesses at some point will receive an inspection from the HMRC in relation to their VAT returns.

Most visits result in minor assessments, however, on occasions businesses are caught unaware by changes in legislation, or the incorrect classification of their goods or services for VAT purposes resulting in very large assessments being raised by the HMRC inspector.

At Blue Accountancy we can carry out a free VAT business health check to give you the assurance that your supplies are being correctly classified and to point out areas where perhaps some changes can be made to ensure that you do not fall victim to a large VAT assessment on inspection.

HMRC’s new penalty regime allows HMRC to impose a penalty of up to 100% of the tax under declared, so it is very important for the well being of your business to ensure that your VAT is being calculated and paid correctly.

Please contact us by clicking here to book a FREE VAT health check or if you have recently had a visit or about to receive a visit by HMRC in relation to VAT.